Mother of Three Buys Tuna Steak at Phish Concert. Leaves, "Feeling Funny."

MONUMENT VALLEY, AZ - There are many places you might go for your favorite fish dish. The local tavern, the best seafood joint in town, even something quick like a market or fast food. For 33 year old Tammi Milburn it was the Phish Concert last week. Tammi said: "I just codn't pass up the opportunity to eat fish at a PHISH concert!" Still a little green around the gills at the time of the interview Tammi went on to tell us about how she came to find herself under the weather. (read more)

Beluga Spends Vacation at Land World Puget

PUGET, SO - Where is your ideal vacation? One beluga knows exactly where she wants to go, and it's not where you might think! Maris, a beluga whale from the Georgia Aquarium; decided it was ti...(read more)

Earth Spins Backwards for 2017

Burger for Breakfast: How Early is too Early?

Mew York, MY - Lets be honest; it's Saturday morning, you're hung over and suddely a commercial for your favorite burger joint comes on. That greasy delicious burger sounds like exactly what yo...(read more)

Research Shows Cameras Erase Memory

FBI Finds Action Star Guilty of False Advertising

WASHINGTON DC- "CrimeBots" star Foba Bett has been sentenced to 40 hours community service for misrepresntation, an LA judge ruled on Friday. He was found guilty on May 31 of misrepresenting his abilities after a child asked him to perform a stunt. Bett was sentenced on Friday following an emotional hearing in which the actor admitted to "padding his resume". The 29-year-old apologized to the family after the child testified in court of the let down. His attorney told jurors that he had acted in the heat of passion when taking an acting job, according to the MYT earlier report. (read more)

Cats in Control-Is It a Thing?

BROOKLYN, MY- You may remember back in 2015 when My Times did a report on the Romanian company hiring a cat as their Communications Director. Recent studies at a prestigious North American college have now come to show that there may be mo...(read more)


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